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This Always Happens



It’s Jill and Anton’s first date. They met online. Like many New Yorkers, they are lonely. Things are going well. Really well--that is, until Jill asks Anton what his astrological sign is. Things get worse from there--and personal. Way too personal. Jill calls Anton on his bullshit. She cuts deep. Maybe deep enough that he’ll finally recognize his self-destructive pattern? This could be a big night for both of them.


Written/Directed by Alexander Christenson

Cinematography by: Alex Purifoy

Watch the Full Film Here:
Life or Death, Basically

Life or death, basically... a webseries about addictive love, codependency, and mental illness through the eyes of Maggie, a recently graduated writer with borderline personality disorder. It deals with the awkwardness of falling in love, the pain of being fallen out of love with, and the difficulty of navigating relationships when one's perception of oneself and others is never quite steady.


Written/Directed by Kimberly C Rolfs

Episode 2: Kind of an Alcohol Problem
Coming Soon

Circle oF confusion


Colin lives alone with his dog, Darwin, and is being treated for obsessive compulsive tendencies. While searching for his runaway dog, he discovers he can see his neighbors through their windows. He watches as the man beats his wife. Will Colin take action against this man or will his obsessive disorder get the better of him?


Written/Directed by Janella Lacson

Cinematography by: Frances Chen

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